Political Instability in Africa

This Web page provides a link to supporting documentation for Section 7, "Focus on Political Instability in Africa," in Peace and Conflict 2005 and the 2005 CSP report on "Conflict Trends in Africa, 1946-2004: A Macro-Comparative Perspective." The initial study was commissioned by the African Telematics program at CIDCM, with funding from USAID, in order to better understand the sources and drivers of instability in African countries and the crucial role of communications technologies in development and stabilization processes. The basis for the analysis is the demarcation of periods of stability, state formation instability, and post-formation instability for each country in Africa. The individual country plots of instability events and the demarcation of periods of stability and instability are posted here as support documentation for the reported analysis and findings.


Click here to view the political instability charts for individual countries in Africa.


This Web page also provides access to the CSP report "Conflict Trends in Africa, 1946-2004: A Macro-Comparative Perspective." This report builds on the initial study of political instability in Africa noted above. It was produced under a contract with the UK Government's Department for International Development (DfID) and the Africa Conflict Prevention Pool (ACPP). The main text includes 20 full color trends graphs examining regional and sub-regional trends, including armed conflict, governance, forcibly displaced populations, political instability, state exclusivity, political discrimination, and inter-communal conflict. The report also includes supporting documentation in 10 data annexes. The report and annexes are downloadable from the table below in PDF format. The main text is formatted for standard US paper (8 1/2 x 11); the annexes are formatted for European A4 paper (make sure your printer is set to "shrink to fit"). A copy of the full report is available in the CSP Virtual Library (the graphics are of better quality in the individual section documents provided on this page).

Annex 1a

Major episodes of Armed Conflict in Sub-Saharan Africa, 1946-2004

Annex 1b

Additional Violent Crises in Sub-Saharah Africa, 1946-2004

Annex 2a

Adverse Regime Changes in Africa, 1955-2004

Annex 2b

Coups d'Etat in Africa, 1946-2004

Annex 3

Periods of Political Instability of African States, 1946-2004

Annex 4

Communal Minority Groups Engaging in Armed Rebellion since 1960 (Annex 4a) and Communal Group-Pairs Engaged in Rioting or Warfare since 1990 (Annex 4b)

Annex 5

African Peace Agreements

Annex 6

Africa: Political Instability Model (color)

Annex 7

Peace-Building Capacities of States in Africa in 2005 (color)

Executive Summary

Supporting Documentation

Conflict Trends in Africa, 1946-2004;

A Macro-Comparative Perspective

Dr. Monty G. Marshall (October 14, 2005)

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